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Bob Irwin

Bob Irwin

Bob began his career in firearms at the age of 17 when he entered the gunsmithing program at Oregon Tech.  He has served as a Deputy Constable and a Bailiff for Clark County and Boulder City. He is a firearms instructor trainer, holds two firearm patents as well as numerous NRA certifications. Bob was a firearms and use of force instructor in 28 police academies over the span of his career. In 198 8 he opened The Gun Store & Indoor Range on East Tropicana where he remains as CEO today.                                                               Contact:

Alan Buttell

Alan J. Buttell served in the United States Marine Corps Military Police from 1975 to 1979 as well as he served as a Trooper with the Kansas Highway Patrol from 1980 to 1982. He attended The  University of Kansas and obtained Juris Doctorate in 1987 and then served as a Deputy District attorney with District Attorney Rex Bell from 1987 to 1989.   Other than his time as a Deputy DA in Lake Tahoe, Douglas County from 1996 to 2000, Alan has had his own private practice since 1991 and has dealt with cases range from Capital Murder to Civil litigation, Family Law, and Arbitrations. Alan is a long time CCW permittee and a solid supporter of the Constitutionally guaranteed rights of American citizens to keep and bear arms for self-protection from any and all forms of oppression. Alan has been a regular guest on Fired Up for years now and looks forward to helping Bob Irwin keep it FIRED UP!                            Contact:

Tony Dee


Tony is a retired Police Officer from the Rochester New York Police Department. Over half of his 20 year career was in the firearms area. He was the Commanding Officer of the Firearms Training Unit. Tony has attended several training seminars and armorers courses as well as the F.B.I.’s Advanced Police Firearms and Police Firearms Instructor School. He’s certified by the N.R.A, and by The Private Investigators Licensing Board of Nevada Attorney General’s office as a Police Firearms Instructor. Mr. Dee has testified in Federal, State and Civil Court regarding firearms related issues and the use of Deadly Physical force. He was a member of both his departments’ Bomb Squad and SWAT teams. Tony has also published several articles related to historical firearms and firearms related competitions.                                     Contact:

Lenny Davis


Leonard Davis is a veteran Special Agent with the U.S. Customs Service and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security with 31 years of dedicated real-world experience including long term undercover operations as well as being a  member and tactical supervisor on the U.S. Customs Special Response teams.  After leaving federal service, Mr. Davis has served as a subject matter expert and instructor for the U.S. Department of State’s Global Anti-Terrorism Assistance program and the U.S. State Department’s SPEAR embassy security program training elite anti-terrorism forces throughout the world. Contact:

Maggie Mordaunt


Maggie is the Owner and Lead Instructor for Homeland Personal Protection Firearms Training. Her company’s training is geared towards defensive shooting and training to defend a potential threat here in our homeland, USA. As a Woman firearms instructor teaching the Certification Course for Multi-State CCW/CFP Permits, Maggie is known in the communities of Las Vegas and Henderson Nevada as CCWMaggie. Maggie is a Wife, a Mom and a Woman who understands the importance of self-defense as a fundamental right. In her courses are military and law enforcement personnel and your everyday civilian family. As an NRA Training Counselor, Maggie offers the NRA Student and Instructor Candidate courses for Basic Pistol, PPITH, PPOTH, RSO and CRSO. Contact: or 702-375-5900

Paola Armeni












Ms. Armeni is a shareholder at Gentile Cristalli Miller Armeni Savarese in Las Vegas. She has significant experience in litigation, and for all matters of criminal law and civil rights issues including fraud and embezzlement, drug offenses, felony and misdemeanor assaults, homicide, vehicular offenses, internet crimes, victim representation, and internal investigations related to corporate misconduct.  Ms. Armeni is highly acclaimed by her clients and peers as one of the top attorneys in Nevada and recognized in the Nevada Business Journal as a Legal Elite. Contact or 702-880-0000

Andrea Luem


Andrea Luem is a local attorney who has been practicing criminal defense for over 15 years in Colorado, Wyoming and Nevada.  Andrea does most of her work in the area of homicide and capital defense.  She has handled countless self-defense cases and knows that even the most responsible gun owners can find themselves in difficult situations with our justice system.  She believes that no one should ever stand alone when  accused of a crime. You can email her at or at 702-600-8403.

Det. Phil Ramos


Retired Senior Homicide Detective at LVMPD.
Phil is a native Las Vegan and spent 33 years at Las Vegas Metro Police.
During his career at Metro he worked as a CSI, Patrol Officer, Training Officer. During his career as an Investigator, he worked as an Undercover Narcotics Detective, making the largest Cocaine purchase in Las Vegas. He has infiltrated Colombian Drug Rings, Outlaw Biker Gangs and Organized Crime ‘outfits’, resulting in 3 “contracts” on his life. During his 12 years as a Senior Homicide Detective he investigated over 340 Homicides. His cases have been featured on America’s Most Wanted, Dateline, Forensic Files, American Justice, Snapped, 48 Hours, The First 48 and many other Cop reality series. He currently conducts private death investigations on a limited basis.



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