Welcome to Fired Up! with Bob Irwin


Bob Irwin, owner of the world famous Gun Store in Las Vegas, hosts a weekly radio show just for you. Listen to Fired Up! for all things guns, politics and self-defense. Bob and his panel of experts discuss current firearm legislation, gun news from across the nation, and offer tips on how to be a responsible gun owner.

Host – Bob Irwin – Owner of The Gun Store in Las Vegas

Listen every Saturday from 6PM -7PM on KDWN.COM/STREAMER/

Just an update. We are moving our broadcast location for Fired Up from the KDWN studio to an office at the Gun Store this week. All will still run through KDWN 720am Radio for broadcast but we will be at TGS rather than their studio. Expect a few hiccups!
The point of this is to eventually add live streaming video of the show on this website!

 For inquiries such as advertising, Fired Up guest speakers for your group, or guest appearances here on Fired Up, please call us at 702-333-0033.

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